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Being Embodied and the Cultivation of Discipline

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Today I embarked on a 70 day journey. It is a journey of self-discovery. It is a journey of physical transformation. It is a journey into a new, powerful, focused and disciplined way of being. I have committed to 10-weeks of self-generated, self-fulfilled one hour morning yoga practice followed by a short mediation sit six days a week at 7am. This program is about jump-starting my capacity to live a powerfully focused and devoted life to the passion I have and my commitment to creating peaceful positive change on this planet.

I am becoming a disciple of my self. I am bowing down to the high and holy beings who grace my surroundings, and I am expressing my deep and loving commitment to healing my body and standing powerfully strong in the confidence of my own transformation.

Life is a process of continual change. This 70 day phase is about embodying that change, physically transforming the aches and pains, and breaking through the barriers of self-resistance and reaping the benefits of deep self-love, physical regiment, and loving acceptance of myself and the ever-changing experience of life in the human form. It’s also about getting the day started right and dialing in the exercise, the breath awareness, and the mental ~ physical ~ emotional harmony required to excel in these tumultuous times.

With this, I will commit to the page, my dedication to powerfully completing this practice and fulfilling my goal of 60 7am yoga practices and the dietary discipline that goes along with it.