A brief interlude from Pakistan

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In early November I got this email from a teacher in Pakistan.

I am Mrs Cyprian from Pakistan. In Pakistan terrorism creates fear every where. People can not go out from their house due to fear of a bomb blast. Now the target of the terrorists are schools and universities. School are closed in Pakistan. There is great need of peace promotion in children. I want my school children take part in the peace pal project. Regards, Adeline

She send me their mailing address and I shipped off 50 postcards and a bunch of art supplies to a place called MC Girls High School is Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Recently she sent some photos back of the girls participating. I wanted to post those photos here now to show the continued global reach of this project and the importance of spreading peace as we consider this a cross-cultural celebration of creativity. This is more than an art-for-peace project, this is a dialog between students around the world about what it means to create peace in our lives.

In Uganda, young people I have talked to use the term “ENOUGH” in response to being fed up with living in a state of war and violence for so many years. It is my hope that more people can catch on to this way of being and being to take steps in their lives to create peaceful positive change.

Let’s put the messages out there. Let’s spread love and uplift people with the art in our hearts.

Let’s take the time to see and listen and be with each other in an accepting and loving way.

Let’s Create Peace….and it is my hope, intention, and purpose to do just that.
  • Darrell says:

    Ross and Lynn, words fail to convey the deep appreciation of your compassion and wonderful efforts World Wide, Love that your Peace is spreading, and this Article was Great News to read, Wow what an exciting time to be alive and a part of such beauty and the Peace Process. Keep on keeping on, much love from "Back Home"
    in San Freakcisco, Peace In this World, Health and love, Darrell.

  • keyshawn_irvin says:

    Ross..keep it up brother. Amazing the positive difference like-minded individuals can make through peaceful protest against violence.

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