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Finding Peace in My Self

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In the week past I found the inspiration and encouragement of my housemate, Lauren, to meditate with discipline and in her company. We sat four days for either 30 or 40 minutes each day. In this week ahead we are planning to sit for 7.5 hours, beginning with 60 minutes Monday morning, increasing by 10 minutes each day, doing 80 minutes on Wednesday and Thursday, and culminating the week with a 90 minute sit on Friday morning.

I find that meditation is a magical experience for my personal sanity and ease of being in this body, in this world, and aware of how I am interacting with the afore mentioned things. The practice of sitting in silence, behind closed eyes, usually beneath a hood and completely wrapped in a blanket, allows me to find a spacious, centered, and positively joyous place in my mind and body. This harmonious junction of the mental and physical aspects of my self allows me to find a deeper familiarity to who I am, as well as a stronger resonance with spirit.

Spirit after all is present in all matter (and all non-matter for that matter). And so, with the deepening of spaciousness in my mind and body, the enhanced connection to an ever-present spirit, I find peace.

Peace, in my world, is a space ~ place of true loving acceptance. The more I sit, the more I become familiar with my self: the thoughts, feelings, emotions, physical sensations that make me up, the more I enjoy who I am, the more I love my self, the more I accept my relationship to the world around me, the more I find true peace. My heart is full of joy as I write this and in sharing these insights, I feel more spaciousness and harmony within… though the mind has become clearer, more present, more open to what’s next…..which in this case is dream land before sit land in my morning mediation practice with Lauren.

I love the silence. I relish the darkness. There is no fear of going there. And the less fear there is to be right here with me in this mysterious unknown, the less fear there is in going out there to be with you, and you, and all those wonderful human yous out there for me to be with.

I see how the more I sit, the more I love it, the more I love myself, the more peace I feel in my heart, the more I am willing to honor and open it to you.

I love you.

Two Sides of Peace

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Inner Peace
Outer Peace
Ease of Mind
Humanity living in harmony
Clarity of thought
Cessation of War
Open Heart
Removal of all fear based media
Breath Awareness
Equality among races, and religions
Quality of breath is long and fluid
Justice for all beings
Body is healthy and harmonious
Love of planet and all living thing
Love is flowing
Elimination of poverty and hunger
Communication is a reflection of kindness and compassion
Elimination of family violence
Thoughts are: I am calm. I am at ease.
Balance of human rights and opportunity
I am in control of my self and my surroundings.
Unified race of human beings
I feel spacious, patient, and present with my life.
There is no discrimination
I am accepting of who I am.
End of genocide
I am accepting of the world around me.
Removal of negativity and violence.
I am love light
We are living in love.

In order for Peace on Earth to occur, each person must take responsibility for creating peace for themselves. Only then can the ripple of love, shared between the peoples of this earth, create a harmonious and peaceful place for coexistence.

Is there a willingness to Create Peace in Our Lives?

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What do you think?

Is the willingness to Create Peace missing?

This BLOG will explore what peace means and how the cultivation of self-awareness through creative self-expression is one of the most powerful tools for getting there.

Peace is love.
Love is Acceptance.
Acceptance is being at ease with the way life is.
Life is people, places, experiences, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and all the things we are in relationship to.
Our relationship to life begins with our SELF
The self is composed of MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT and how these things interact with the world.
Becoming Self-Aware is the avenue to being at Peace.