Cultivating Loving Acceptance

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There is an ancient Buddhist practice, taught by the Buddha himself in which he said “see every person as your mother.” In this theory, since we have all lived so many embodied lifetimes on Earth, each and every being we meet or see has been our Mother as some point in the past. The idea here is that as you begin to envision each person, Man, Woman, Boy or Girl as your mother, in order that you shall give the love you feel for your own birth mother to this person. To share this love equally and unconditionally from the center of your heart is truly an enlightened way of being.

Imagine: each person you encounter was your mother in a past life. Homeless and hungry, hip-hop or heiress, each person, each individual was once your mother.

How would this way of seeing people influence the way you behave? Would you communicate differently? Would you act differently? Would you open your heart and share your love with comfort and ease?

This practice of seeing another as the embodiment of your mother is the practice of loving acceptance and the expression of true compassion. This way of living is not easy. But if you were to consider such possibility, and entertain the notion the next time you are in pubic, perhaps you will begin to notice when the judgements, evaluations, and negative thoughts arise and let them pass quietly, without making a fuss….in the presence of the one who brought you into life at some other point in a time~space place.

Perhaps we can start with lovingly accepting ourselves, by being ok with what is inside my mind~body~emotional being right now, and simply allowing that set of circumstances to be.

I invite you to look at all the ways you judge, evaluate, and compare people to someone else? I also invite you to find a deep place of loving acceptance for who you are, and thus who each person you encounter is, at that very moment, and BE OK with what is.

By finding this love and acceptance to simply receive each situation and each person as they are, without any need for them to be different, you will begin to see where the kindness and courageous compassion in your heart has the space to surface.

Keep the mouth closed a little longer. Remember that this person was once your mother, and you were once theirs. Love them. Love everyone as though your knew them like your blood mother. In this place of loving acceptance, we can transcend the duality of our differences and overcome the separation to experience the oneness of our divine selves.

Drop in and see for yourself. It’s just an invitation. No expectations here. I love you just the way you are.

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