Banners for Peace is a simple, uplifting collaborative painting workshop for students ages 10 and up!

Ashley Painting

How it works

The Banners for Peace workshop is a collaborative arts initiative inviting schools to organize a group of students to participate in the painting of a giant work of art with a simple up-lifting slogan and unique design. Banner painting workshops meet for 60-90-minute sessions, one day a week, for eight-ten weeks as either an after-school program, or in conjunction with an existing art class. (workshop length, size, and duration can all be modified to meet specific needs) These workshops provide a group of students the opportunity to work together to design, decorate, and paint a banner to reflect their voice and vision for peace.

The Impact We’ve Made

Since 2008, Create Peace Project has led 35 Banners for Peace workshops in San Francisco Bay Area public and private schools.  More than 1,000 students have participated in this collaborative painting workshop.  The positive effect of facilitating a collaborative painting experience can be seen in the increased connection and respect students share for each other during and after the project.  The school experiences a burst of joy and uplift when seeing the finished work of art hanging in the halls.  Students learn to meditate, combine their visions and ideas to come up with a unified slogan and theme for their banner and the art of working together fosters team building and essential collaboration skills.

What We Offer

Banners for Peace is offered as an on-location project facilitated by one of our team.  We can consult your school to facilitate a Banners for Peace project on your own.  We ask for a small fee for consultation and instructional materials. 

How It Works:

  1. Do you need an arts enrichment or after-school arts project?
  2. Contact us to learn more about hosting a Banners for Peace workshop
  3. We will come to your school to facilitate this collaborative waiting workshop with your students
  4. 10-15 youth is a perfect group to paint a large scale canvas together
  5. this is a student led design and painting project

How we’re making a difference:

  1. We have been leading Banners for Peace in after-school programs and as an arts enrichment in Bay Area school for the past 7 years
  2. More than 1,000 youth from 35 Bay Area public and private schools have participated
  3. Four Banners for Peace were created in the SF Juvenial Hall in the spring of 2015
  4. Banners are usually displayed inside the school, but have also hung at numerous events, festivals and community gatherings in the area.

What We Offer:

  1. this is a customizable arts workshop
  2. designed to foster collaboration, team building, and promote a positive message into the school using art
  3. the project takes about 12-15 hours and can be scheduled over 4-8 weeks
  4. on-site project facilitation, including material cost is $2,000
  5. Finished Banners hang in your school for all to enjoy



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