Murals for Peace

Our community mural projects are about engaging a large group of people, in most cases an entire school’s student population, in all aspects of creating a school beautifying and enriching work of art together. These projects are fun and inspirational and can be either a painted mural or a mosaic. Our mural making projects are designed to support students, teachers and the extended community to work together to transform existing uninspired wall space into vibrant, uplifting, educational and colorful murals.

How It Works:

  1. Contact us to discuss your schools vision and needs
  2. We will then schedule a phone call or meeting
  3. Create a schedule and plan for your mural project
  4. Paint the mural with your students/participants
  5. Photo and Document
  6. Host a completion event to honor the awesome creative process and finished work,

Our Impact

  1. In the past 10 years Create Peace Project has led more than 50 large scale mural projects in the San Francisco Bay Area
  2. We have also painted murals in Jinja, Uganda with a group of street kids and a huge mural at a Montessori school in Cape Coast, Ghana
  3. We have painted more than 25,000 sq feet of wall space with more than 10,000 students ages 5-22
  4. We have created another 15 mosaics, beautifying another 10,000+ sq ft of wall space with another 6,000 youth
  5. Murals create a lasting positive and beautiful work of art for all to enjoy.

What We Offer

  1. Free consultation and project development for your school or group
  2. We can work with any size group on almost any size wall space
  3. A typical mural will take 4 weeks to create, depending on size and scope of the project.  Painted murals can be completed in 2 weeks.  A mosaic will take a month or more.
  4. An affordable and highly enriching collaborative arts experience
  5. Let’s strengthen community and promote peace with art

The Impact We’ve Made

Create Peace Project has painted 35 large-scale murals and made 15 mosaic murals over the past ten years.  We have worked with groups as small at 25 students to as large as 360.  We can work with any age group to create a lasting beautiful work of art with your community.  Our focus is on inspiring and uplifting our youth, empowering creative freedom, confidence and self-expression that supports positive messages, beautiful art and joyous feelings of positive self worth.  We work to emphasize collaboration and community enrichment through our interactive painting experience.[/mt_two_third_last][/mt_calloutbox]


This was our first year working with Create Peace Project. They were absolutely amazing!! Ross and team captured the essence of our school culture and spirit in our new mural. They listened to the voices of the students, staff and community and the evidence was in the finished product.


Our students feel a great sense of accomplishment with their participation in this mural project.


We loved this project!


Murals for Peace in action


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