Ghana 2013 Peace Exchange

I’m here!  I’m in Ghana.  It’s hot and it’s muggy….and it’s Great!  Welcome to Ghana! I am honored and excited to be here.  Create Peace Project will be partnering with Africana Child Foundation in Cape Coast, where I will be based for the next two months. This is an exciting time and a different type of Peace Exchange compared to years past.  This year I will focus my efforts on schools in one region, in this case the town of Cape Coast and the surrounding villages (within one hours drive).  In years past, much time has been spent traveling to different cities/towns/regions and visiting schools in many places. In Ghana this year I felt it would be nice to focus the energy of this art-for-peace project on one area and work with as many students as we could from one area….perhaps such that they will some day know and connect to each other on this level of peace and understanding. We have begun to visit schools.  The interest is high and the excitement ever present from the children.  It is always amazing to watch a vision manifest into reality with a bit of action, a few key relationships, and the courage to step out into the world and expose your heart for the benefit of the children.   This is what I am up to and this is what The 2013 Peace Exchange is about. We much overcome our fears and doubt and come together to listen, learn and share with and from each other.  We must cross the boundaries of our comfort zone and open our heart to sharing love with all those we come into contact.  It is my hope that the children of Cape Coast, Ghana will feel the love and the care of the children in the US and Canada as shared on their peace cards.  I also hope that the children will some day remember the experience they had, the wisdom they shared and heard from their classmates and peers about peace and how we can create peace and find it in their own hearts, bodies and minds to make the peaceful choice in their actions, communications and thoughts towards others and the world around us.