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Being at Peace is a practice of being Present

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When one is making art, or being creative in a focused and attentive way, the mind moves from an outward orientation to an inward one. Taking the time to explore ones self-expression is an act of being at peace. By activating the willingness to feel into who you are, how you think, and the way you experience being in the human you actually is the start of creating peace. Question is: How does it feel to be you? By making art and exploring the expression of that introspection, one has the ability to find the moment, and occur purely in the present. In this place, there is peace. This practice of being at peace is about being present. Present with yourself. Present with your surroundings. And present to the cycle of breath flowing in and out through your nose.

Peace is not a global phenomenon. Peace is deeply personal and intimate experience that happens within each of us. Peace is a practice that beings with the individual me and you out there walking around. But when you find peace, the me and you disappear, and only we are here. The trick is: you must do it….no one else can create peace for you. When you choose to do such a thing, life becomes the ever-evolving experience of now. This moment. This breath. This magical experience  of what is. In this place, found both through making visual art; painting, drawing, playing music or dance, or doing yoga, meditating, walking through nature, or a variety of other ways, you are expressing yourself and your connection to the divine spirit running through us. In this place, where you and I disappear, there is ease and acceptance with that which is :  life; a joyous, calm, and harmonious place for peaceful co-existence.

The practice of peace is simply the act of being present. But how do you get present? Two ways include; through cultivating breath awareness and making art. As you breathe mindfully, following the flow of inhale ~ expansion, exhale ~ contraction, your consciousness is effortlessly drawn inward. Here is where we begin to discover who we are, how we think, what it’s like to truly feel, and then share those self-held truths with others through an artistic form. In this process of looking, feeling, discovering, expressing, and sharing that expression….everyone learns. We learn about ourselves as we allow others to see more of who we are and how we are as peaceful and loving spirits in this human form. This act of revealing ourself is a unifying, inspiring and kind gesture: an act of peace.

Imagine you were asked the question: who are you?  But rather than communicating your answer with words, you have to express it with art ~ visually, musically, with dance or movement, in picture, or song…what ever form you choose.  What would you do? what if I asked you : what is peace? how would you express your answer to this under the same invitation? Let’s begin by sharing this moment of breath.  Exhale all the rest and be present. In peace.