Freedom through Creativity

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The blank wall.  The blank canvas.  A white sheet of paper. There are endless possibilities.   For some, making art and expressing ones self can be challenging.  As if there were a right way to do it, or an evaluation coming, you can often here a person say “I’m not good at art.”  or “I’m not an artist.”   But this is not true.   Art and creatively expressing one-self is an act of self-care, self-exploration, and liberating self freedom.    Allowing one’s self the freedom to simply let the words, colors, lines, or notes come out, in whatever way feels right….that’s art….and that’s enough.   There is no ‘right or wrong’.  there is no ‘good or bad’.  those are concepts of an education system, of a society rooted in judgement and comparison.  But making art, ie, creative self expression, is not about the cultural norms and educational evaluations, critics and comparisons to that which has been done before.   Expressing ones self is an act of freedom. An act of uncovering and exposing oneself, a brave and courageous step, and it’s a liberating, healing and necessary uplifting of spirit.  Making art, in whatever way one chooses to do so, is an absolutely necessary practice for healthy, well-being and self-care. What has been lost, is that allowance and acceptance that we are all creative beings.  A human being is continually creating and constantly healing. It’s what we do, naturally.   When we make art and creatively express ourselves, we learn.  We grow.  We bring forth the unseen and make it seen (or heard, felt, etc).  When we take the time to attend to the feelings, thoughts, and emotions in a peaceful and present way, delve inward to uncover what is going on, and express it, we liberate that part of ourself into the world.  This crafting and sharing of deeply personal stuff has huge benefits to the mind, the heart, and the well being of the individual, as it grants us the deep freedom to simply share who we are and what we are with the world. Let em have it.  Let em see what’s behind the eyes of your being and experience what you are.   If we release the fear of being ‘bad’ or doing it ‘wrong’ as all too many a teacher or parent has instilled on their child ~ we can access a deep and meaningful freedom that truly brings joy and creates peace.

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