A cross-cultural exchange of art and messages of peace between students around the world.

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How It Works:

      1. Contact us to request information
      2. We will schedule a phone call to discuss participation
      3. Either we will send you a package, or we come to your school to facilitate an assembly and workshop
      4. Engage the Project and create your Peace Cards.
      5. Return completed cards to us, along with documentation
      6. Await the return of cards from another country.

Our Impact:

      1. Since 2008, more than 50,000 youth have participated in The Peace Exchange
      2. We have traveled to Uganda, India, Nepal, Ghana, and Bosnia. We have sent packages to Pakistan, Korea, Brazil, Colombia, Hong Kong and more
      3. 50,000 peace cards have been exchanged between students from around the world
      4. Fostering connection, spreading joy and uplifting youth and schools along the way

What We Offer:

      1. On location project facilitation
      2. Phone or Skype consulation
      3. Access to a simple and highly effective arts based peace project
      4. A project that takes 2-3hrs to lead, yet can be expanded to include complimentary geography, social studies, history, art and cultural studies
      5. And it costs merely $2/student to participate.

More than 50,000 students from 300+ schools across 15 countries have participated in The Peace Exchange.

What it’s all about:

The Peace Exchange is an international exchange of art and messages of peace between students of the world. In this one-to-one exchange, students are asked to artistically express their vision of peace as well as share a message about who they are and what peace means to them on their personal peace card.   The peace cards will be delivered and exchanged by Create Peace Project between students across the globe.

Our Impact:

      • In 2009/2010, 6,000 students in the U.S. and Uganda participated in this project.
      • In 2010/2011, 10,000 students in the U.S. and India exchanged peace cards.
      • In 2011/2012, 7,000 students from the U.S., Canada, Haiti, Colombia and Nepal participated
      • In 2012/2013, 5,000 students from the U.S., Canada and Ghana exchanged peace cards.
      • In 2013/2014, 2,500 students in the U.S. and Sarajevo, Bosnia created and exchanged cards
      • In 2016, Create Peace Project partnered with The Malala Fund, Participant Media, Kenya Girls Guides (Nairobi) and Victor Tango (Bombay) to facilitate a trip-lateral exchange with 10,000 students creating art and sharing messages of the importance of girls education as a catalyst for peace.

Our Offerings:

The Peace Exchange is about connection. Connecting students in their schools and across continents as we bridge cultural, religious, and racial boundaries to inspire and enrich the lives of all participants.

It was an amazing afternoon with our kids…they loved to color and wrote beautiful messages! It was wonderful to see kids that have been incredibly abused with such an open heart and full of love…the kids adored it and felt important! They loved the idea of having an American friend! Thank you again for this sharing this magic project with us!

Marcia R. Homeless Shelter Coordinator, Rio De Janeiro

It was so much fun to do this project and the best part was seeing what happened afterwards. When the students in Ghana got the cards – it’s really strong to know that someone receives what you made and then they do the same thing in response.

Student, Hawken School, Lyndhurst, Ohio

Yesterday was one of the best days ever at our school. There was a feeling of peace throughout the entire school. Teachers all commented on it. Thank you for this marvelous project. We have already decided that we will do something similar every year as a school tradition. You have already made a huge impact on our school.

Linda, Librarian | Media Specialist Emerson School, Ann Arbor, Michigan

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